In 2003, R. Trace Blackmore founded Blackmore Enterprises Incorporated with the vision to provide high quality, certifiable, and second-to-none customer service water treatment. Having over a decade of experience, he and his company are among the best trained and experienced in the water treatment industry.  As our company has grown, our employees share in this vision to make it a reality.

As the market for water treatment services and programs has become more diversified, we have expanded our technology, outreach, and certifications to better serve the needs of each individual company and client. Customer service and high-end water treatment are our #1 priorities. We will do all that is possible to accomplish the goal of being your first and best choice in the field.

Why Do We Say “Prescription Water Technologies?”

Water Treatment is not “One Size Fits All”. Every program must be developed to fit the unique equipment involved. Only by thoroughly understanding the entire process of the equipment being used, can an optimal program be designed. By utilizing state of the art polymers, scale and corrosion inhibitors and other products we are able to “prescribe” the best product(s) and equipment for that specific program. After the program is setup, constant monitoring is observed to make sure the program performs as desired, if not adjustments are made until the desired results are achieved.

At Blackmore Enterprises, Inc., we are proud to have 2 of the 6 GA Certified Water Technologists (CWT) working for us to better serve your needs and provide service excellence.

By only allowing a CWT to work on your equipment, you ensure that you are employing somebody with a proven track record and experience as well as someone who went the distance to prove how much they care when it comes to the overall wellbeing of your water systems.

What is a Certified Water Technologist?

Certified Water Technologist, or CWT, is the designation given to an individual in the water treatment field who has passed several criteria set forth by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT). All water treatment companies are not the same, the same goes for water treatment individuals or specialists. In order for an individual to receive the CWT designation, that person must:

  • Be an active member of the water treatment community for at least 5-years
  • Pass a background check conducted by the Association of Water Technologies
  • Receive at least 6 letters of recommendations from customers
  • Pass a 250 question examination by at least 70% accuracy
  • Swear to a code of ethics by which to work by

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Leadership: Meet our Certified Water Technologists

Trace’s Bio:
Trace Blackmore has 20+ years of experience providing water treatment and consulting services to the: commercial, industrial and municipal markets. Trace started Blackmore Enterprises in 2003 with the goal to provide A Complete Water Treatment Program to customers and industry personnel. Over the past 11 years, Trace has served on various industry boards; been an expert witness for Legionella based law suits; served as a Certified Training Instructor for the Association of Water Technologist, Nation Safety Counsel and OSHA. Trace holds the professional designations: Certified Water Technologist and LEED AP O+M.

In his spare time, Trace enjoys scuba diving and spending time with his wife Staci.

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Chris’s Bio: 

Chris Kersey is the Service Manager and Senior Service Technician for Blackmore Enterprises, Inc. Chris has provided water treatment and consulting services to the commercial, industrial, municipal, and institutional markets. Chris has worked for Blackmore Enterprises for more than 12 years. Chris is a Graduate from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Material Science and holds the professional designation, Certified Water Technologist.

Chris enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his wife Emily and their two beautiful children.

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